Ms. Beulah’s Garden

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It’s been rainy and wet.  Too wet to get the rototiller in the garden at the Mission.  Ms. Beulah is concerned that she won’t be able to get the tomato plants in the ground before they become root bound in their containers.

She planted a few more today though, and is coming back at 6:30 tomorrow morning to finish before she prepares lunch for the 25 or so volunteers at the Mission. Actually, there may only be about half that number, but everyone comes back for seconds when Ms. Beulah cooks.

It takes quite a few volunteers to distribute food for hungry families five days a week. Each family receives enough groceries to feed everyone in the family a balanced meal three times a day for seven days. Lately, there are about 50 families per day coming for food.  Some days, there are as many as seventy or eighty.

“Jesus said, ‘Feed my sheep.’” John 20:17.

While she was planting she took the time to tell me a story or two. “A few years back, before I started volunteering at the Mission, I used to walk three or four miles a day.  That’s when I discovered that some people just don’t have anyone else to talk to so I would stop and visit with others who were walking along the way.  Especially some of the older folk were happy to have someone to talk with or just listen.”

The Lord’s lambs are in need of many different types of “food”. This summer, some will receive garden fresh vegetables, while others may just find a kind soul to listen to their story.  Praise God for His humble and faithful servant, who does as He has asked.